• Halaman

  • Rollmech

  • Toddlies

  • Cizmeci Time

    Cizmeci Time established in Istanbul in 1993 is a confectionery producer that produces roll wafers, wafers and biscuits...

  • Eureko Insurance

    Web & UI design for Turkey's leading insurance company.

  • Me & My

    Me & My is a clothing brand which values handcraft. They combine elegance and fashion with high quality materials to create their hand-made products.

  • Vitalis Life

    Vitalis Life is a detox and juicing brand which has plenty of products to every need. They use fresh fruit and vegetables washed with alkali water. They also have a phytotherapy specialist who offers non-charged dietary support.

  • Servis 365

    Servis 365 is established in 2012 in order to meet all kinds of technical needs of our customers and the sector. Servis 365 has been founded in order to accomplish the real “Retail Facility Management” culture in Turkey as a result of our project and construction experiences over 10 years in the retail sector especially in Turkey and Russia.

    Servis 365
  • Ofix 2015

  • XOXO The Mag

    Re-design of XOXO The Mag's website...

    • 09 Oct 2014
    • Web Design
    XOXO The Mag
  • Acer Turkey - The Adventure of a Lifetime

    Do we always have to live life according to scrips written for us? What if we were to decide to change this and took action to realize our dreams now?

    Acer Turkey - The Adventure of a Lifetime
  • Szutest

    SZUTEST is an inspection, testing, training, supervision and certification body providing international service. Additionally, it is carrying on a business as a Notified Body with the number 2195 in many EU regulations.

  • Helen Harper'la Biz Bize

    Meet Helen Harper'la Biz Bize, a brand new iOS App for Helen Harper. Track your period, have access to all Helen Harper products and follow Hande Kazanova for her horoscope predictions.

  • Flormar E-Commerce

    Flormar, the biggest cosmetic brand in Turkey, has a newly designed e-commerce website designed by Workattack. The sleek and flat design of Flormar.com.tr has elements of new corporate & brand identity and key colors such as fuschia and black, also as in line with Flormar stores and kiosks. New e-commerce site of Flormar has user experience & simplicity as well as an elegant look as a basis to its design. Visitors can also personalize their shopping experience by using various cosmetic apps in the site such as "Right Product Finder" as a guide prior to their shopping.

    Flormar E-Commerce
  • Istanbul Moda Academy

    Workattack designed the new web site of IMA (Istanbul Moda Academy), which is the prominent fashion education platform in Turkey and also the main organization behind Istanbul Fashion Week. Workattack, who also designed the web site of IFW in the previous seasons, kept the website clean design-wise while giving a proper detailing to the sitemap, which is heavy on content. Design of the website, which is both web and mobile-compatible, has a highly flexible page structure that meets the different content management needs for different page types. The grid-type design of the pages all incorporate a unique landing page of their own. Also all the content pages has social media integration, which makes it easier to share the content on Facebook and Twitter.

    Istanbul Moda Academy
  • Dinamo FM

    Dinamo FM, one of the most prominent radio channels in Turkey since 2000, takes the radio broadcasting up a notch with its official native iPhone app designed by Workattack: The app aims to present the users a CD-quality electronic music experience on-the-go. Users can listen to radio's programmes & picks of different electronic music genres and save exclusive "app-only" DJ sets onto their iPhones if they wish to. The app also has social media integration for the users with social Share buttons.

  • Adell

    ADELL Company is one of the largest armature and valve producers of Turkey with respect to capacity and sales volume. The focus on design, innovation and function in ADELL’s corporate culture, is highly emphasized on the new corporate & B2B website design by Workattack: The simplicity in layout makes the site design user-friendly while the simplicity and minimality in color scheme points the products out more and better. Also the large visual banner area in main page with easy-to-navigate menu below aims to lead the visitors to their destination point in the site in the blink of an eye.

  • di Deva

    di Deva is the exclusive fashion & style club for the babies & kids who always dress to impress. A vast amount of exclusive and hand-picked products from the baby & kids collections of the world's major fashion brands are offered online to the parents by di Deva. The site, which is an e-commerce website, is designed to be simple and user-friendly to make it easy for the new e-customers to use and place orders. Dropdown menus for baby, boy & girl categories including detailed age breakdowns make sure that the site users simply reach the products they specifically look for and need. PayU integration and SSL certification in the site warrants the customers with the safest e-shopping experience while the modules such as delivery tracking ensures the best online customer service.

    di Deva
  • Ofix

    Website design for the online office supply store, Ofix, is done by Workattack. The website, which is an online store and has an e-commerce basis, is designed to be user-friendly and therefore to have an easy navigation among the wide scale of office supplies on sale. The site has flash banners on the main page to emphasize on the current campaigns of the store and a hovered menu design for a simpler and faster use. The site design is also in line with Ofix's logo color-wise to make the website correspond to the corporate identity of the store.

  • Video Konferans

    Video Konferans is a visual communication services provider which provides the corporations digital conference solutions . The company aims to make possible "digital meetings" for the businesses with its high technology-powered video conference platforms. Workattack both designed and developed the website for Video Konferans: The whole website carries on the object to introduce the various video conference systems provided by the company to the businesses who are interested and looking for a similar solution. The site also includes a sale/leasing form for the related services and products.

    Video Konferans
  • Otium Hotels

    Otium Hotels International is a hotel chain which serves the Turkish tourism industry succesfully with 5-star hotels & resorts. Workattack designed the website for Otium Hotels International, which incorporates the subdivisions like Otium Gül Beach Resort and Otium Eco Club Side with a seperate web site feel given by the design. Three different subdivisions and designs under one inclusive domain for Otium makes the website more versatile both for the firm and the visitors to use.

    Otium Hotels
  • Nuans

    Nuans Public Practice Accounting Limited and Nuans Certified Councillorship Limited Companies are two companies founded in 2010 by professionals with more than 25 years experience, which have an expertise in areas such as providing accounting, tax consulting and VAT refund. Workattack designed and developed the website for Nuans with an eye to make the company's monetary services more apparent and utilizable by simplifying the site design. Site also incorporates an up-to-date "Currency" box and "Utilities" section which aims to bring a range of solutions to the users regarding their monetary and accounting-wise needs.

  • Integro Flooring

    Integro Flooring is a credible flooring company with a care to fulfill the flooring needs for homes and workspaces with high-quality products. The company provides various flooring solutions with different kinds of flooring materials such as parquet, carpet and PVC alongside the services like floor amendment. The website of Integro, which is designed and also developed by Workattack on a HTML basis, aims to make the company's major and boutique projects -both domestic and abroad- viewable in detail. There is also a vast Documents section in the site regarding the catalogues and brochures of the company's import flooring materials.

    Integro Flooring
  • Artmim

    Workattack carried through the design and development of the website for Artmim. Artmim is an Antalya-based architectural firm which has participated in more than 100 unique hotel projects and has much preferred five-star hotels among its references. The website for Artmim, which is developed in HTML, has shaped around the concept of a showcase for the relevant projects with a wide range of project visuals, aiming to give the visitor a detailed view and better sense regarding the completed interior design works. Site also has a Press section, which includes the detailed coverage archive on Artmim on press.

  • Eti Design Office

    Workattack designed and developed the new website of Eti Design Office, a renown architectural design & development office in Turkey which generally works on store, office, fairstand, restaurant and residential projects, adapting the newest trends and technologies to its works. HTML-based website, which went online in early May, is a visual-based showcase for the firm's earlier projects and references with its mostly-monochromatic and clean design.

    Eti Design Office
  • Doga Elements

    Doga Elements is the 10th project of Doga Gayrimenkul. The motto of the Doga Elements project is to give people a living space consisting all of the four main elements of the universe: Soil, water, fire and air. These four elements represent the key properties of the life spaces in the project.

    The website for the Doga Elements project is designed and developed by Workattack. The site, which is mainly shaped around a vertical design, gives the visitor an overall information and idea about the project, from its concept, location and visual details to its floor plans and catalogue. The vertical layout allows the visitors to browse the site at once by only scrolling down. To receive further information regarding the project, the visitors can fill up the contact form in the site.

    Doga Elements
  • Sasko Yachting

    Sasko Yachting is a yacht retailer firm in Turkey which has the top-notch yachting brands in its portfolio. Sasko Yachting's new web site is produced and designed by Workattack. The site, which is developed in HTML, features all the information you need about the yacht distributor and its portfolio of yachts on sale in a simple and visual-based design. The yacht visuals are displayed in detail on the background of the site in full screen as you navigate through the brands' yacht and boat models.

    The site, with its easy-to-use navigation, high-definition visuals, a second-hand yachts section and a info form, aims to attract the potential yacht buyers and give them a close idea on the yacht models online.

    Sasko Yachting
  • YOO Architecture

    YOO Architecture is an architectural office with a team of 30 which offers architectural and interior services as a solution-based partner for many companies and brands. Workattack designed the new website for YOO and renovated it with a touch of design: The site, with its sleek and monochromatic design, accentuates the firm's projects with large project visuals in a simplistic way.

    YOO Architecture
  • Lunapark

    Lunapark is a renowned retail and product design firm which has been serving in the sector since 2004 with their strong team of interior architectures and industrial & graphic designers. Workattack designed and developed the brand new website of Lunapark with an intention to reflect the firm's colorful identity and overall view on design in a dynamic way. The site opens up in a simplicistic-yet-colorful design and shows Lunapark's portfolio with detailed images of the projects. The sub-categories in the site can be viewed in the main page on a iconic flagpole design. When clicked on a project on the portfolio on the main page, the visual details of the project is opened sideways instantly. The site also informs the visitor about the awarded retail products & the clients of Lunapark and the design services provided by.

  • Nurus

    Nurus is an office furniture company which has a good reputation worldwide when it comes to design. Nurus' new website is designed and developed by Workattack, who had also designed Nurus' previous website. Nurus' newest website, which is developed in HTML, allows the visitor to navigate through the site in ease with its simple-yet-cool design

    The site is an overall showcase for Nurus, from its award-winning products to its local & international projects and stores. Nurus seems to inspire the furniture sector with its sleek and useful website in the near future.

  • Audi Twikayeler

    Workattack designed the micro website for "Twikayeler", which is the leading social media project of the new Audi Q3's launch. The project aims to channel people to tell their own "stories" with tweets including the hashtag "#twikaye" (meaning "twistory"). The microsite of the "Twikayeler" project is a showcasing tool for people to see all the tweets with the hashtag "#twikaye" all at once in a timeline-like design while it is quite essential to create storytelling story under 140 characters not to mention. The hashtag became a trending topic in Twitter in just 2 hours.

    Audi Twikayeler
  • Sırma

    Workattack designed the brand new web site of Sırma, one of the prominent bottled and mineral water brands in Turkey. In this new web site, the healthy side of the regular and mineral water emphasized with the refreshing and bright visuals used.

    In the site, which is created in HTML 5, a structure which allows the visuals of all the bottled water and mineral water products of Sırma to be slided vertically using the paralax method is adopted. On the other hand, with the newest informative content on the site, full integration with the present brand identity is achieved.

  • Belis

    Workattack innovated the web site and corporate identity of Belis, a prominent brand in the baby & youth furniture sector in Turkey. The new web site, which corresponds to the renewed logo design and identity of the brand, is developed in HTML.

  • A Tasarım Architecture

    Workattack designed a new HTML-based web site for A Tasarım, which is one of the foremost architecture offices of its sector. In the new web site which is designed minimally all over, the finished projects of the company are detailed with visual galleries. The site is also optimized for a better viewing experience on iPhone and iPad.

    A Tasarım Architecture
  • Istanbul Fashion Week 2011

    Workattack designed the new web site and managed the social media tools for the 2011 Summer season of Istanbul Fashion Week, the most anticipated fashion event in Turkey. Workattack, who designed the web site of IFW in the previous season, kept the minimal touch and visual-based design in the web site. 

    In the social media management, Workattack shared the latest textual and/or visual content regarding the event schedule, the designers and the runway shows on Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram and Flickr. Also the web site is updated with the latest high definition visuals and press releases after the event for press use.

    Istanbul Fashion Week 2011
  • Nurus Micro Website

    Combining design and relaxation together, Nurus is one of the leader office furniture companies in Turkey. Nurus’s micro website is designed and developed by Workattack.

    The micro site is developed for fairs and promotions, and this short term micro site gives a hint about the upcoming website.
    Nurus’ previous website, which inspired lots of companies in the sector, was also designed and developed by Workattack.

    Make sure you visit the website on your iPad.

    Nurus Micro Website

    Workattack constructed a brand new site for ÇEKÜL, one of the most significant non-governmental organizations in Turkey, which aims to be functional and up-to date with all of the the organization’s social and cultural projects. The site, constructed on PHP basis, enables the visitors of the site to follow the activities and projects organized by ÇEKÜL online via the news and plenty of visuals on it. Workattack, who aims to convey the organization’s intense and periodical projects to the visitors via an organized design including dropdown menus, features high functionality and easy navigation in this work. Also the social media links such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Vimeo profiles of the organization are given on the site to lead the followers of ÇEKÜL to these channels as well.

  • Novus Interior Contract

    Workattack constructed a design-oriented new site for Novus Yapı, one of the most innovative interior architecture firms in Turkey. The site, created in HTML due to iPhone and iPad compatibility, is designed minimally to give particular importance to the firm’s interior architecture designs and applications via large visuals.

    All the works of the firm are on the site with their visuals and details. The latest projects of the firm, located on the main page, are presented to the visitors in a simplistic design and an easy-to-use navigation. Visitors can also see all the references of the firm on the site.

    Novus Interior Contract
  • Panda

    Workattack constructed a brand new, modern site for Panda, one of Turkey’s prominent ice-cream brands. In the site, which is created in Flash, the newest products of the brand, intriguing TV commercials, new promotion campaigns and news about the brand reaches the visitors via different branches.

    The navigation in the site is highly functional: all the main topics like “Products” and “Campaigns” can be found all together on the main page. Also the link to Facebook fan page on the site leads the visitors to follow the brand on social media as well. On the other hand, the animated background visual and optional voice effects on the site are designed to remind the visitors of the joyful summer.

  • PAYM

    Workattack developed a Flash website with a clean cut design for PAYM Architecture. The site is designed to reflect the brand identity of the firm which is renewed and to show the projects in detail.

  • Midek/Mingü

    Workattack designed and developed a new website for Midek/Mingü, which is an interior architecture firm established by master interior architect Hasan Mingü in 1980. Since the website is developed in HTML, you have the chance to view the website with iPad.

  • Istanbul Fashion Week 2010

    Workattack designed and developed a flash web site for Istanbul Fashion Week 2010, the greatest fashion organization in Turkey. Workattack developed a user friendly site in Flash which reflects the fashionary vision of the organization. The site is heavy with the latest news and the event calendars.

    Istanbul Fashion Week 2010
  • Pırlant

    Workattack designed and developed Pırlant’s official website. Workattack built up Pırlant’s website in Flash, combining chic and modern clock designs with a plain design with conceptual video’s served as backgrounds. Pırlant’s website can be updated by the special control panel, which is also developed by Workattack.

  • Muum Architecture

    Workattack designed and developed the design based architectural company Muum's official and Flash-based web site. 

    Muum’s project gallery images are shown in the whole background while navigating in the project and the interface design is plain and modern-looking.

    Muum Architecture
  • Utopia Architecture

    Established in 2004 by Nesrin Saripinar and Serhan Saripinar, Utopia Architecture is one of the leader companies in architecture, design, engineering, construction and real estate development and restoration. Workattack designed and developed a full Flash website for Utopia Architecture. The site has a extraordinary design which is dynamized by minimal animations that leads to the projects.

    Utopia Architecture
  • Promoqube

    Promoqube is a digital marketing agency which uses contemporary technology and digital tools to shape the brands' marketing strategies and also is named "Preferred Developer Consultant" by Facebook. The web site of Promoqube, which is designed and developed by Workattack, is HTML-based and has a sleek and showcasing design. The design aims to points out the work references of the agency in detail.

  • B&T Design

    Workattack designed and developed a plain and user friendly website for B&T. The visitors can find detailed information about all the products, designers and the company. 

    B&T’s official website is designed with Flash and has a dynamic interface which gives visitors the chance to form the main page easily. 

    Product images are in two categories; lifestyle images and images with white background so that the target audiences can view the products in every detail.

    B&T Design
  • Painted on Water

    The Turkish traditional art of marbling paper with dyes floating on water, Ebru, dates back at least to the 16th Century. Its technique, philosophy and history are reflected in the creative spirit of Painter on Water's partners, vocalist Sertab Erener and composer/guitarist/arranger and album co-producer Demir Demirkan.

    Workattack, which designed and developed Painted on Water's web site, aimed to combine traditional Turkish Culture and technology together by integrating all the social media tools to the site.

    Painted on Water
  • Selim Atakan Official

    Workattack designed a web site for the famous musician Selim Atakan. The web site design includes some of the musical instrument visuals and gives the user a cozy feeling with the musical touch.

    Selim Atakan Official
  • Sertab Erener Official

    Workattack followed a different path for Sertab Erener's official website by connecting the artist and the fans at the available social networks. Through sertab.com, fans can get in touch with the artist via Twitter, Facebook, Last.FM, Flickr and many more social media platforms. The site is the first fully-social-media-integrated web site of Turkey.

    Sertab Erener Official
  • Dressyourwall

    Workattack designed and developed a micro website for Artstone. The social media tools are highly activated in this micro site design: It’s easier to keep in touch with Dressyourwall project via Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, Flickr and Vimeo. 

  • Rollmech Automotive

    Co-designer and full system supplier Rollmech Automative’s web site has been designed and developed by Workattack. Workattack created rollmech.com by combining brand new design and dynamic web structure. The site, developed in HTML, also has four different language options.

    Rollmech Automotive
  • Derin Togar Official

    Derin Togar is a talented singer and musician from Turkey. Derin sings in 6 languages and has future plans to release albums and tour across Europe and the world. The official web site of Derin Togar, which has been designed and developed by Workattack, is a full Flash web site that enables the visitors to listen to Derin's songs and watch her videos. The site also has a full social media integration which activates the popular social media tools for the client herself.

    Derin Togar Official
  • Meridian Construction

    Specialized on Compact Laminate Facade Systems, Meridian Construction’s website was designed and developed by Workattack. The wide range of products and references are showcased in a plain Flash concept.

    The website was developed in tree languages: Turkish, English and Russian. All parts of the website can be updated with the special control panel developed by Workattack.

    Meridian Construction
  • Crea Studio

    Crea Studio is a young and innovative architecture and interior design firm. Workattack, redesigned Crea Studio’s web site. Workattack designed a colorful but plain and web site for Crea Studio. The colorful squares with effects and thumbnails are used to strengthen the menus and index and the project details are shown in the gallery visuals in detail.

    Crea Studio
  • Apec

    Consisting of three main parts, Steel Frame Systems, Real Estate Development, Home, Apec’s website, which is developed in HTML, is designed by Workattack.
    Apec.com.tr has a dynamic structure and a colorful design. The site is structured with a user friendly Content Management System.

  • Aryol

    Workattack designed and developed Aryol's official website, a qualified company about prefabricated houses and construction yards. Workattack developed the website considering the wide range of products. Workattack combined appropriate colors and proper interface design to keep the company’s corporate identity. The website is built up with HTML and javascript so that it is search engine optimized.

  • Dunlop Boots

    One of the leader companies, characterized by functional design, durability and high quality; Dunlop Boots’ website is designed and developed by Workattack.

    Dunlop products are exhibited in a plain and modern looking design. Integrated with the HTML-based website, the control panel provides a dynamic structure and the updates could be done by the customers with only a few clicks.

    Dunlop Boots
  • Gaea Forms

    Workattack redesigned the website of GaeaForms; a young, deluxe, manufacturing and design company founded by Pinar Yar and Tugrul Govsa. The web site is designed with Flash CS3.

    The idea to serve the products as backgrounds, was to showcase the company's cool products. Workattack, created a website with easy navigation, by using top and left menu's together.

    Gaea Forms
  • Geomim Design Studio

    Workattack is proud to present a visually satisfying website for Geomim Design Studio, one of Turkey's leading architecture and interior design firms. 

    Flash-based website displays company's freshest work with Workattack's minimal design and video style.

    Geomim Design Studio
  • Nuxx by Nurus

    Nuxx is a company which sells all kind of accessories that personalizes your living spaces. Workattack developed a cool minimalistic website for Nuxx. The opening page allows you to choose your language. After choosing the language, the web site shows the colourful products of Nuxx on a white background to give it a simple look.

    Nuxx by Nurus
  • K&B Formal Shoes

    With its wide range of products and special designs for women, KBFormalshoes.com is designed and developed by Workattack.

    Developing the “Modern Cinderellas” concept, Workattack focused on K&B Formal Shoes’ product details. The products are displayed in a special gallery where the user is able to view products from three different angles. Product photos have also been shot by Workattack.

    K&B Formal Shoes
  • Gaia & Gino

    Workattack constructed a sexy full Flash site for Gaia & Gino, company led by Gaye Cevikel. The site, created in Flash with content being fed from XML, is available in two languages. Gaia & Gino and Gino The Dog brands are separated in the site but navigation is really easy.

    Workattack used the sliding images almost in every page, to give the impression of a “touchpad”. Gaia&Gino’s and Gino The Dog’s unique and worldwide products are set on a black background. Workattack completed a full re-development including high level design and intuitive functionality.

    Gaia & Gino
  • Three Monkeys The Movie

    Workattack designed the official website of the movie "3 Monkeys". "3 Monkeys" has been nominated in the Best Foreign Film category in the Academy Awards in 2008.

    • 16 Mar 2009
    • Web
    Three Monkeys The Movie
  • Yvette Mizrahi

    Yvette Mizrahi is a jewelry designer who designs and also produces silver/gold products and marketing them under her brand "Yvette". Mizrahi needed a web site to show her collection to the people who are interested in jewelry design, share her past and current activities. Also she wanted to provide a shopping platform for her customers. Workattack created an elegant, attractive and easily accessible web site. The image of the site represents the quality image of "Yvette" brand. After the strong branding page, the visitors can easily flow within the pages, with the help of well designed directions

    Yvette Mizrahi
  • TUI

    TUI is an international tourism and travel company operating in 180 countries. Workattack has created a website for TUI to show the services they offer. Flash and HTML techniques are combined to create the website and the main focus point was the interactivity. TUI website has all the useful information for the traveller from finding the perfect location to car rentals and from cruise options to travel news.

  • Paneldus

    Paneldus is founded in 1986, is one the largest company producing Shower Enclosures and Acrylic Bathtubs in Turkey. The company is one of the leading manufacturer for medium and medium-high market segments in Turkey. Workattack prepared a website that reflects Paneldus’s corporate identity. First page opens in mysterious dark colours and language bar appears. The website is built in two languages: Turkish and English. After choosing your language Workattack introduces you to the modern world of Paneldus.

  • Metex Design Group

    Metex Design Group was established in 1976 as an architectural engineering firm in Istanbul, Turkey. Eventually they established an office first in Rome, then moved it to Perugia. Metex Design Group’s motto is “Design That Works”. They recognize clients needs and their team of experienced designers provide the highest level of design and documentation for each and every project. Metex Design Group’s website is designed by Workattack in a whole Flash format.

    Metex Design Group
  • Dream TV

    Dream TV is a television channel, where you can find the best music videos and the most recent news from the music and cinema world. Workattack has built a delightfully creative website for Dream TV. The website contains many illustrated backgrounds to give it a more youthful look. HTML and Adobe Flash is used while building this website. Workattack refreshes the banners frequently as the TV program changes. Workattack has won the “Golden Spider Web Awards” in Radio-TV category with Dream TV’s web site three times.

    Dream TV
  • Omur Print House

    Omur Print is an Istanbul based printing, binding and label production company. Omur Print’s strategy is not only meeting current needs of customers but also planning their future printing needs by using the latest trends in the printing technology. Workattack created a unique website for Omur Print. Visitors enter the elevator and visit the company building as if they are really taking a tour inside. It’s great fun to take a virtual tour in Omur Print House.

    Omur Print House
  • Deck Istanbul Corporate Site

    Deck Istanbul is an Istanbul based company, focusing on furniture, lighting and interior projects. 

    Workattack has built a website to draw attention to Deck Istanbul’s attractive products. The cartoon-like illustrations on the main page are Deck’s real product drawings. Workattack tried reflect the energy of the young creative team of Deck Istanbul to their website.

    Deck Istanbul Corporate Site
  • Ece Uslu Official

    Ece Uslu is a famous Turkish actress and model. Workattack has build her official website and named it “Ece Uslu Folio”. The website is built in two languages: Turkish and English. After choosing the preferred language, 9 little boxes appear and cover the main page. By clicking these boxes, the visitor can find more about Ece Uslu’s current projects, future projects, biography, contact details and her photos. This creative and efficient website is search engine optimized and appears on the first row when someone browses the internet with “Ece Uslu” keywords.

    Ece Uslu Official
  • Zoom TPU Corporate Web Site

    Architecture is irresistible when it is a source of joy and excitement. Zoom TPU considers itself as a group of people who are deeply interested in every detail of design. They take care of even the smallest details with enthusiasm. 

    Workattack has developed a website parallel to Zoom TPU’s innovative point of view. Their passion for uniqueness became Workattack’s inspiration in creating the website. The slowmotion backgrounds and the large sized contents are made in a plain way to reflect Zoom TPU’s creativity.

    Zoom TPU Corporate Web Site
  • Sterling Serviced Office Group

    Workattack develeoped an official web site for Sterling Serviced Office Group. The corporate web site of Sterling Serviced Office Group, which is developed in HTML based on PHP, partly includes Flash features.

    Sterling Serviced Office Group
  • Mutlu+Milano Design Studio

    Mutlu+Milano Design Studio is an Italy based international design company founded by Inci Mutlu and Luca Milano specialising in home and office furnitunes, metal and plastic accessories, cutlery and packaging.

    Mutlu+Milano Design Studio needed a website to show their products, to share their future projects and to give information. Workattack created an elegant website which reflects Mutlu+Milano Design Studio’s joyful brand identity. The main page guides the visitor to the product or to the information they are looking for. It’s simple, it’s visual and it’s very useful.

    American Design Award 2008 Winner.

    Mutlu+Milano Design Studio
  • Saydam PR

    The new web site for Saydam PR, a qualified company on communication management, event management and media communication, is designed and developed by Workattack. Combining Flash animations with a modern design, Workattack also provides a CMS (Content Management System) for the website.

    Saydam PR
  • JD Rock Competition

    Every year, Jack Daniel’s organizes rock concerts all over Turkey. As being the oldest and most widely known whiskey brand, Jack Daniel’s started the music rock program in order to increase their brand consciousness. Workattack is responsible for building their website for three years now. Designing the website, shiny Jack Daniel’s icons and Flash techniques are used to attract attention from the target audience.

    JD Rock Competition
  • Nurus Corporate Web Site

    Nurus is a prestigious office furniture and products company who is the winner of Reddot Design Award of 2008.

    Workattack has built a full Flash creative website for Nurus. Opening page allows you to choose a language: Turkish or English. On the following page a Flash banner displays Nurus’s award winning products. Other interactive banners guides you and gives information about the products, projects and the company itself.

    Nurus Corporate Web Site
  • Ist Cafe

    Ist Cafe is a very cool cafe, patisserie and restaurant of Istanbul. Getting its name both from Istiklal Street and Istanbul, Ist Cafe has become the meeting stop of Beyoglu. Workattack used Flash technique to build Ist Cafe website. The first thing that appears when you go to the website is the language bar. The website is built in two languages: Turkish and English. After choosing the language a simple bi-coloured illustration of the cafe appears. When the visitor clicks on the door of the cafe, he is taken inside. The illustration which is used on the website is very simple to reflect the minimalist style of Ist Cafe.

    Ist Cafe