• Sal&Sal

    • 23 May 2017
    • Brand Identity
  • Asmadan Wines

    • 23 May 2017
    • Brand Identity
    Asmadan Wines
  • Leone Alato

    • 11 Jun 2015
    • Brand Identity
    Leone Alato
  • Give & Take Exhibition

    Give & Take Exhibition
  • Arco

  • Miniko

  • Bize

    Workattack designed the brand identity elements such as brand logo and print materials for Bize, a project development firm which gives service to different kinds of corporate businesses as a strategic and analytical partner for management & planning. The new logo design emphasizes on the simplicity with its black-on-white design and sleek font for a more reassuring feel.

  • Sasko Yachting Brand ID

    Sasko Yachting is a yacht retailer firm in Turkey which has the top-notch yachting brands in its portfolio. New brand identity for Sasko Yachting is designed by Workattack with an aim to modernize the logo design and include a subtle yachting element.

    • 13 Apr 2012
    • Brand Identity
    Sasko Yachting Brand ID
  • Friend in Istanbul

    Workattack designed the brand identity for Friend in Istanbul, the agency for personal and customized Istanbul tour guide service. The new logo design underlined the key stylistic properties of the silhouette of Istanbul.

    • 04 Nov 2011
    • Brand Identity
    Friend in Istanbul
  • Belis Brand ID

    Workattack redesigned the logo of Belis with the new web site. The renewed logo design and corporate identity of the Belis brings the brand's image up-to-date with a softer and more colorful touch.

    • 18 Jul 2011
    • Brand Identity
    Belis Brand ID
  • Italian Turkish Association Brand ID

    The Italian Turkish Association (ITA) is a non profit association, founded in 2010, is dedicated to promote closer understanding and further cultural relations and knowledge of each other among the Italian and Turkish citizens in Italy, in Turkey and in the rest of Europe. Workattack redesigned the Italian Turkish Association's logo to add the organization's identity a warmer-but-formal touch.

    • 11 Nov 2010
    • Brand Identity
    Italian Turkish Association Brand ID
  • Sense Brand ID

    Sense is a social media monitoring tool by Promoqube. The logo design for Sense is made by Workattack. The logo design, which includes an over-looking eye, reflects the main property of the Sense that is monitoring the social media closely.

    • 28 Sep 2010
    • Brand Identity
    Sense Brand ID
  • PAYM Architecture Brand ID

    Workattack restructured the brand identity of PAYM Architecture by redesigning the logo of the firm. The logo, which is designed minimally, now seems to wholly correspond to the image and overall working style of the firm.

    • 23 Sep 2010
    • Brand Identity
    PAYM Architecture Brand ID
  • Promoqube Brand ID

    The logo and the brand identity of the Promoqube is designed by Workattack. The cool and modern attitude of the agency is aimed to be reflected in the new logo design of Promoqube. The new logo is now being used in all kind of pressed and digital material by the agency.

    • 01 Nov 2009
    • Brand Identity
    Promoqube Brand ID
  • Belli Brand ID

    Workattack renewed the brand image and identity of Belli, the textile company. With the renewed logo design, which is now used in all the pressed and digital materials related to Belli, the image of the brand is modernized.

    • 28 May 2009
    • Brand Identity
    Belli Brand ID
  • YOO Architecture

    YOO Architechture is a renown architecture firm in Turkey. Workattack designed the new logo of YOO Architecture to modernize the overall image of the firm and renew the firm's brand identity.

    • 28 Jan 2009
    • Brand Identity
    YOO Architecture